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Augmenting a recruiter with a chatbot

Deutsche Telekom is piloting in one of its subsidiaries a chatbot to find out how they can use chatbots as part of their recruitment efforts. They’re keen to improve their candidate experience, the way they can engage with jobseekers, candidates and employees and how they can do this in a more automated way. We build a first version of a chatbot that can engage with candidates, share insights about the culture of the company, guide them through the application process and automatically inform them about relevant newly vacant positions.

Understanding from data what can be automated

We started by looking into data (mostly emails) to find out what steps in the recruitment and hiring process can be automated that are currently done by a human recruiter. We found that interested jobseekers especially before a job application and after (before they get feedback) have a high amount of identical questions, which is ideal to automate.

What interface is ideal for users?

Before they had a classic career page. The challenge was to create a new way on how people could interact with the employer brand in a more informal and engaging way. The bot was integrated on the career page of Hubraum to help potential applicants ask questions about them as an employer, apply for jobs and stay connected afterwards.

Performance of the chatbot

The chatbot has been in use now for a bit more than a month (we’ll keep you posted here via updates), but so far the results are looking great. Not only is the chatbot able to automate a significant part of the recruiter’s work, but we see a high satisfaction on the candidate side through an improved candidate experience and a much higher conversion rate (= more applicants)! Deutsche Telekom is also excited about that a chatbot is naturally mobile and can be used from any device immediately and that “it feels closer to the candidate”.

What users say

“It really feels like you’re talking to somebody instead of just looking at a career site.”

“Thanks for your help, I enjoyed the experience.”

“Great information, fast and clear, thanks!”

The CTO of one of the largest employers of the UK had to say the following:

“It’s quite terrifying - It is better than most recruiters I know!”

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